Proactis Tenders proudly marks a significant milestone in the history of its market-leading public sector procurement tool, Tenders Direct. For three decades, Tenders Direct has been at the forefront of facilitating successful business relationships between suppliers and buyers in the public sector.

The company enters 2024 celebrating 30 years of operation, reflecting on its remarkable journey and looking ahead to a future filled with continued innovation and success.

About Tenders Direct

Established in 1993, Tenders Direct has played a pioneering role in connecting UK businesses with lucrative opportunities within the public sector, enabling them to grow and thrive.

Transforming from a simple fax alert service in the 1990s into today’s comprehensive SaaS solution. Tenders Direct’s mission has always been to simplify access to public sector opportunities and support businesses in their efforts to secure contracts, and the team behind the product remains dedicated to finding new ways to add value for its customers.

A Legacy of Excellence

At the heart of Tenders Direct’s success lies its meticulous sourcing and categorisation Peer Review process, which was pioneered in the mid-90s.

Tenders are published by people, and sometimes requirements can only be deciphered by another human being. This process involves reviewing 1,000s of tenders each month, adding an extra level of assurance to customers, by improving the accuracy of the alerts they receive. Combined with the latest technology, this process makes Tenders Direct the UK’s leading provider of public sector tender opportunities.

Proactis Tenders has invested substantially in enhancements to Tenders Direct, improving the user experience and adding new functionality, positioning the tool as a vital and integrated part of an organisation’s business development processes.

“While technology plays a crucial role in our operations and user experiences, we believe the human touch is no less important. We take pride in assigning a dedicated account manager to each of our customers, ensuring conversations and personalised support remain central to our approach,” continued Debbie Mackenzie, Managing Director. “We combine the power of technology with a personal touch – and this approach has stood the test of time.”

Looking to the Future

Not content to rest on their laurels, however, the team at Proactis Tenders recognises the immense future potential of technologies that are already starting to disrupt business. As Tenders Direct enters its fourth decade, the company has exciting plans ahead.

“We have achieved our success by continuously adapting and incorporating new technologies into our products, equipping our customers with the tools they need to find and win work with the Public Sector,” stated Steven Smith, Product Manager. “Our Product Roadmap makes use of machine learning and other AI technologies to ensure our customers receive the most relevant and high-quality tenders in a timely manner.”

Dale Charite, Sales Manager, commented on this milestone, saying:

“Reaching the 30-year milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and support of our customers. We are excited about the future and committed to our mission to help businesses navigate the evolving public sector procurement landscape with even greater success.”