Name: Medequip
Industry: Health and Social Care
Size: 250+ employees
Regions: UK & Ireland



“Too much reliance on being plugged in to all the regional procurement portals to keep track of what was coming to market, each with their own key word profiles (If they had one at all), and the associated dangers of subsequently missing something.”



“The general subscription of daily live opportunities is the life blood of our Bid Teams and is of the most benefit to us. Advanced Tender Alerts can be useful in maintaining a pipeline and for resource planning. The Competitor Tracker is interesting and has highlighted a few things that we didn’t already know.

“The peace of mind in knowing that you will be advised of all suitable opportunities in a timely fashion, without having to trawl through dozens of portals and ‘non-applicable’ tenders, is invaluable”



With their subscription, Medequip Assistive Technology ltd have been able to:

  • Save time and money by finding the most suitable tenders for their business
  • Track and monitor their opportunities using our intuitive dashboard
  • Gain insights into their competitors’ activities and strategies using the Competitor Tracker
  • Stay updated on the latest and upcoming opportunities using the Advanced Tender Alerts




It’s hard to quantify with measurable data, but it’s equally hard to think how we would have managed without it. I can say that, in the last 10 years (my time with our BD Department), we have never missed a tendering opportunity and have, on occasion, been made aware of opportunities that we otherwise might not have considered.


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