The customer for this case study has chosen to remain anonymous due to the high level of competition within their industry.

Industry: Security
Size: 11-49
Regions: UK



The customer is a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), and wanted to expand their business by gaining work in the public sector. However, they lacked both tender sourcing and bid writing experience.



“Though we could have gone for a monthly contract with several systems, we decided on 2-year Tenders Direct contract because of their initial help setting up searches. Also, the information storage in the back end is really intuitive to manage – being an SME, any kind of intuitive system is a big help!” 

The customer also identified that they required bid writing support, and took advantage of our bid writing consultancy service.



Having “trialled several Government Tender announcement systems”, the customer chose Tenders Direct because they were able to:

  • Save time by relying solely on our tender alerts for new public sector business opportunities.
  • Receive expert advice and feedback on their bids from our team of bid writing consultants.
  • Track and monitor their opportunities using our intuitive dashboard
  • Receive support from their Dedicated Account Manager




Their return on investment (ROI) for a 2-year contract with Tenders Direct was easily achieved on the first contract they won, which was 3 months into their subscription. Their estimated ROI for the 2-year contract was a whopping 6,500%.

“Having used the system for 10 months now, we have gained over £500k worth of Government works over the next 3 years - with the opportunity to go for a further 2 years on the contracts we have been successful in.” 
Tenders Direct Customer


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