Freedom of Information Requests

Submit Freedom of Information (FOI) requests straight from the contract award you’re interested in.

What is an FOI request?

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act (FOISA), you have the right to request access to any information recorded by a public body - this includes information about procurement contracts and awards.

Public bodies are obligated to make any non-confidential information available to anyone who requests it, within 20 days of the request. As the public sector uses taxpayer money to make decisions, access to this information ensures there is accountability for how the money is spent.

When to use a FOI request?

We recommend first engaging in dialog with contracting authorities to request information, however, there are some instances where formally making an FOI request would be beneficial.

How can FOI requests help my tendering?

If you require access to information that would not be included with Contract Award Notices (CAN), such as names of other bidders or copies of winning submissions, an FOI request is the only channel you can use to request it.

If no Contract Award Notice (CAN) has been published, a common occurrence for low value tenders, an FOI would allow you to request all of the information you require for your market research.

If you have been involved with a procurement which you believe did not fully comply with Public Contract Regulations 2015, an FOI request will give you access to the information needed to review your assumptions.

What information can I get access to?

Common information requested through FOI requests includes:

  • Copies of successful tenders
  • Final pricing of successful bidders
  • Expiry date of awarded contracts
  • Approximate renewal dates
  • Number of bidders who submitted responses
  • Name of all bidders who submitted responses
  • Rank of all bidders who submitted responses

Freedom of Information

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The Freedom of Information request feature is included as standard with a subscription to Tenders Direct, and is available on all expired notices, Advance Tender Alerts, and contract award notices.