Many inexperienced bidders make the mistake of starting the tender process before doing a thorough review of the tender documents – even if the tender sounds like it was written specifically for their business.

Do not make this mistake! 

Without proper preparation, you could discover:

  • You are unable to complete the tender in time.
  • You cannot fully deliver the requirements.
  • Or face some other impassable obstacle.

Start every tender with a Go/No-go assessment

Bidding for a contract can require a significant investment of time and effort, so it is important to ensure you are allocating resources towards a worthwhile project. Starting the process with a thorough Go/No-go assessment allows your business to make informed decisions about the opportunities you choose to bid for, and ultimately helps improve your overall success rate.

These assessments are made from a standardised list of questions,  allowing you to properly review the specifics of a contract and determine its suitability for your business. After completing your assessment, you should be able to answer the pivotal question – ‘Can we win this tender?’

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Go / No-go assessment template

With experience, you will build a more relevant and comprehensive list of questions, but to get you started, here is a basic template for you to work from.

Does this tender align with your business strategy? Yes No
Based on reputation or experience, do you want to work with this particular customer?
Would you still have enough resources for other upcoming opportunities & accounts?
Is it worth assigning resources to bid for and deliver this contract?
Do you have a realistic chance of winning the contract? Yes No
Do you have an existing, positive relationship with the buyer and / or decision maker?
Can you offer a suitable and affordable solution?
Do you expect a lot of competition?
Does the competition have a better chance of winning the work?
Do you have the resources and experience to create a compelling bid?
Can you deliver what you promise? Yes No
Do you have the resources to deliver the requirements?
Can you get the resources to deliver the requirements?
Do you have experience in delivering this type of service?
Can you deliver to agreed standards and proposed budget, while still making a profit?

Assess your readiness

Use our ‘Tender readiness’ form to see how ready you are to enter the public sector market. We will assess your capabilities, make personalised recommendations, and put you in contact with one of our experts to offer further guidance.

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