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  • Introduction to Public Sector Tendering

    This webinar will help you gain an understanding of the public sector tendering process and practices in the UK including:

    • Who the public sector are and what they buy
    • The legislation governing procurement in the UK
    • The procurement procedures and the tendering stages
    • The Standard Selection Questionnaire and the ESPD

  • Finding and Winning Low Value Tenders

    Low value tenders can prove to be a great business development tool for public sector suppliers. However, as low value tenders do not have to adhere to the full raft of procurement regulations the challenge with them is knowing where to find them and how to win them. This webinar will provide you with:

    • An explanation of what low value tenders are
    • Advice on why they are useful for suppliers
    • An explanation of how to access them
    • An outline of what rules and regulations govern low value tenders

  • Social Value in Tenders

    Social Value has been part of procurement legislation since 2013 yet it is just starting to filter down into tender documents on a regular basis - sometimes accounting for up to 20% of the total evaluation. But what is it? How is it appearing the tender documents? And, more importantly, how can you prepare for it? If you are totally in the dark or have answered some social value questions but would like a firmer understanding of the topic then join us on this 45 minute webinar which will provide you with:

    • A high level overview of the Social Value Act 2012
    • An explanation of how it is being implemented in the public sector
    • Examples of Social Value questions that have been seen in recent tenders
    • Advice on how to prepare for answering social value questions in tenders

  • Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

    The use of frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) is on the rise. They cut through a significant amount of work for procurement teams and simplify the tendering process for suppliers. However, a lot of suppliers are not sure what a framework or DPS is, how they operate and what work needs to be done once you are on them. Our 45 minute webinar provides:

    • A description of what a framework is and how it operates
    • A description of a DPS and how it differs from a framework
    • Examples of ‘call-off’ mini competitions from frameworks and DPSs
    • An overview of how to write great bid responses

  • Business Development for Tenders

    Do you want to get ahead of the game and feel like you have more control over your tendering activities rather than fire-fighting all the time? You are not alone! The majority of suppliers we speak to are in the rut of reactive tendering, responding to contract notices as and when they appear and hoping for the best. This will garner some success but the ultimate aim for any bid writer or bid team is so get ahead of the curve and be able to tender proactively – knowing in advance when a bid is due out and doing essential business development work before it goes to tender.

  • Overview of Writing Compelling Bids

    Our Overview of Writing Compelling Bids webinar will help you to understand the second stage of the tendering process and how to write high scoring tenders and secure more business. Join us for this webinar for an outline of:

    • What to look out for in the tender documents
    • How to effectively manage the bid process
    • How to write high scoring responses
    • What to do post bid to continually improve your process

  • Tendering and Brexit

    Does the word Brexit fill you with dread or excitement? The topic that has dominated our news and head spaces for nearly two years is nearing its conclusion but what will happen after 29th March 2019? What does it mean for the public sector and how it does business? Can we expect any changes in how we tender for business? In this webinar we will answer all these questions and more.

  • Overview of Advanced Bid Writing Skills

    Our Overview of Advanced Bid Writing Skills webinar will provide an insight to what you need to do to set your tender apart from the competition and improve your win rate. Join us for this webinar for an outline of:

    • How to conduct meaningful research to better inform your tender content
    • What you need to elevate the scores your receive for each question
    • What type of evidence you need to include to strengthen your bid
    • How to edit your responses to make them more effective

  • Brexit Update

    Join us for this webinar the week after we officially leave the European Union and find out what impact it has had on public sector procurement and tendering.

  • Bid Strategy

    How much time do you spend researching, developing and implementing your bid strategy? Too often, companies don’t focus on this or mistake pricing discussions for a comprehensive strategy. A well-considered, complete strategy embedded throughout a proposal increases two things; your chances of success and the expected value from winning the business. This webinar will cover the following bid strategy topics:

    • The inputs into strategy formation
    • Leveraging existing knowledge and conducting research
    • Developing your bid strategy
    • Building your strategy into your bid

  • Competitor Tracking Alerts demo

    We’ve created a new tool to help you track which public sector tenders your competitors are winning. Competitor Tracking Alerts will notify you when any organisation(s) you choose to track are announced as the winners of above threshold public contracts. In this webinar we'll show you how Competitor Tracking Alerts work and answer any questions. Competitor Tracking Alerts gives you:

    • Email notifications of high value public sector wins by rival businesses
    • The ability to track any company and view their contract awards over the last 5 years
    • Intelligence on your competitor’s market share and business focus

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