Saved Searches & Targeted Alerts

Our Saved Search feature allows you to save filter configurations to make future notice navigation easier and set up targeted alert profiles for your users.

What are Saved Searches?

Tenders Direct offers the UK’s most accurate tender database, which is fully accessible to all subscribers. Whether you use the database for research or to filter notices by relevance, you can save your filters to easily switch between frequently used searches. This is especially useful for businesses interested in results for particular regions, targeted buyers, or specific products/services.

Saved searches can be used to:

  • Split tender notices between colleagues or departments, preventing duplication of work and overlooked notices.
  • Highlight notices published by targeted contracting authorities.
  • Segment your notice results by product or service.
  • Create regional profiles, grouping notices by area of operation.
  • View notices for opportunities not included within your primary tender alert profile.

What are Targeted Alerts

Turn your Saved Searches into Targeted Alerts, ensuring you and your team are notified of critical opportunities. These email alerts notify you whenever tenders matching your saved filters are published, making it easy to keep track of the most relevant opportunities for your business.

Saved searches can be used to:

  • Create unique tender alert profiles for each of your users.
  • Receive alerts whenever specific contracting authorities publish new tenders.
  • Create additional alert profiles for specific or critical tenders you cannot afford to miss.
  • Only receive alerts for Frameworks or Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS).
Boost your tendering confidence with Tenders Direct

Available as standard with all Tenders Direct subscriptions

  • Basic: 1 Saved Search
  • Core: 5 Saved Searches
  • Premium: 100 Saved Searches

How do Saved Searches work?

A Tenders Direct subscription gives you access to the entire searchable Tenders Direct database – allowing you to view every live and expired notice on our system. Saved Searches lets you use our search filters to create your own custom filters and alert profiles.

You can apply any combination of these filters to create a Saved Search.

  • Notice type: Contract notices, Prior information notices, Contract Award Notices
  • Show only Frameworks or DPS
  • Threshold: High-value, Low-value
  • Location: English regions (x9), Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Europe
  • Categories: Include ANY category – even those not included within you standard alert profile
  • Include keyword(s): Authority, Product, Service, Town, etc.
  • Exclude keyword(s): Authority, Product, Service, Town, etc.

Creating a Saved Search allows you to reapply these filters to repeat searches in future sessions. These Saved Search also create alert profiles, ensuring you are notified of any new opportunities matching this criteria.