Opportunity Manager

Managing multiple bids at various stages from early tendering engagement to contract award can be a struggle. The Opportunity Manager minimises the complexity of tendering and creates some clarity for your whole bid team all in one handy destination.

What is the Opportunity Manager?

With so many different team members, resources, platforms and processes involved in bidding for public sector tenders, it can be difficult to plan, prepare and coordinate multiple contract bids simultaneously while retaining real-time awareness of your whole portfolio.

The Opportunity Manager, which is an e-tender bid management tool, simplifies day-to-day bid administration by bringing all of your prospects into a single customisable pipeline view. Once you identify an opportunity you can add it to your pipeline and progress it through every stage of the tendering process.

With a single overview of all your contract bids you can check their status at a glance and ensure full situational awareness of your current activities and long term outlook.

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What can the Opportunity Manager be used for?

Manage your tendering pipeline

Add, monitor and progress tender opportunities through every stage of the process from early engagement to final checks

Schedule your tendering activities

Allocate tasks, set reminders and attach notes for all your bids and create an audit trail of every action

Centralise your resources

Upload and store every document you need for the tender bidding process and create tiered access for your whole team

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The Opportunity Manager comes as standard with a subscription to Tenders Direct