How Tenders Direct Works

Tenders Direct simplifies business development and eases the pressure on your time and resources.

Tender Sourcing

Tenders Direct provides full coverage of public sector tenders of any value across the UK and Ireland, as well as high value notices from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Our dedicated team scan through hundreds of sources daily and transfer every below-threshold notice in the UK and Ireland to the Tenders Direct database.

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Our specialist team of Reviewers uses our unique keyword category system to filter tender notices according to product, service, and industry. This creates an easily searchable database and the basis for our tender alerts.

We don't use the flawed CPV code system or software to create your alerts. Our team uses their experience and common sense to ensure that notices are categorised based on what the buyer is asking for so that you only see what you need to.

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Tender Email Alerts

We use our keyword categories to create a business profile for you that filters out irrelevance and shows you only the most relevant contracts. We then send these straight to your inbox, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Our alert emails include details of the publishing authority, the bid response date as well as whether the tender is classified as low value or OJEU.

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Advance Tender Alerts

Knowing when contracts are due for renewal can give you an advantage. Our Advance Tender Alerts tool highlights potential renewals up to six months ahead, giving you more time to scope the requirements, pre-engage with buyers, and formulate a winning bid.

Tender Training and Consultancy

We know that finding contracts is only the first step, so Tenders Direct Training and Consultancy provides a variety of learning opportunities and support packages including full day courses, free webinars, and tailored consultancy services designed to maximise your chances of winning new business.

We also offer free monthly webinars covering a variety of industry topics to help your bids

What our customers say

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Case Study: Bridgeway Consulting Limited

"We were registered with various free websites... but we found that we'd often be duplicating the information. With so many different sources, we were also concerned that we may have been missing out on opportunities... we've cut out a lot of admin and saved a great deal of time since we subscribed."