How Tenders Direct works?

Tenders Direct is your complete tendering solution, offering a range of services to help you both access the market and secure new business opportunities.

Humans not Algorithms

Account Managers, Classification Specialists, Software Developers, Bid Writing Experts, and more work together to ensure you have the resources and support needed to win tenders. Thanks to the combined experience of our teams, we are able to offer you accurate and efficient tendering support solutions.

Rather than manually searching the hundreds of different portals for tenders, you can rely on email alerts from Tenders Direct. We will work with you to understand your business and create a bespoke alert profile tailored specifically to your needs. No more irrelevant notices means more time spent on writing contract winning bids.

Personalised tender notices

Tender sourcing and categorisation

We are the most accurate service because of our unique Review Process. Our specialists scour every source to give you access to ALL low value notices in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We then categorise these notices using product, service, and industry keywords, allowing us to effortlessly match you the opportunities you are looking for.

They will help create your personalised business profile, using their industry knowledge to ensure you get alerted to the right opportunities, and ensure you never miss a tender. By working with you to understand your aims and objectives, your Account Manager will help you get the most from your subscription. They will also be your point of contact should you require support – any tendering questions you have, they can help.

Dedicated Account Manager

More than a tender alert service

Choose the plan that best suits your business

Join thousands of companies who use Tenders Direct to alert them to public sector contract opportunities, helping them to grow their business.