Competitor Tracking Alerts

Get notified when your competitors win above and below threshold public contracts

What are Competitor Tracking Alerts?

Competitor Tracking Alerts will notify you when any organisation(s) you choose to track are announced as winner of above and below threshold public contracts.

Watch our webinar recording to see how it works

You’ll receive:

  • An email alert with the award notice
  • A link to the original contract notice
  • The ability to track as many companies as you wish

With a searchable five year archive of award notices you can build a picture of the competition's public sector success rate, market share and the types of opportunities they're targeting.

What can Competitor Tracking Alerts be used for?

Tracking the successes of your rivals provides market intelligence on their bid strategy and capabilities. Competitor Tracking Alerts provide you with:

Prompt notification of public sector wins by rival businesses whether you were bidding for the contract or not

The ability to track an unlimited number of companies across any sector and view their awards over the last five years

Intelligence on your competitor's market share and business focus that can inform your own public sector strategy

These alerts are currently only available with a subscription to Tenders Direct