Bid Strategy

Understand from the start how to win

We can help you formulate your bid strategy to let your bid stand out from the crowd.

This is where it all starts. Too many companies think bid strategy means discussing how low to submit prices. This is costly, risky and complacent. Well-formed bid strategy requires considering your approach earlier and more deeply. We can help with this process, undertaking a variety of activities:

  • Helping you to understand your current approach to bidding
  • Analysing in detail past bids, review of scoring, feedback and outcomes
  • Performing market research to help you understand the marketplace, your potential clients, your competition and emerging trends
  • Understanding your current bid strategy within the wider context of your entire business development approach
  • Reviewing and inputting into the bid financials
  • Encouraging creative thinking around bid strategy
  • Devising and helping implement an action plan to address gaps

Effective bid strategy is both an art and a science. Being clear on your strategy is fundamental to producing a coherent, compelling, value maximising proposal. The more sophisticated your competitors and the less you want to engage in a race to the bottom, the more you need to develop and refine your strategy.


  • Improve future win rate
  • Build long term capability
  • Develop a clear, targeted and efficient approach to bidding


The price depends on the support required. We try to be as flexible as possible with prices to allow you access to support. Overall price for the project is always agreed up front so there are never any surprises.