Bid Review and Editing

Great bids win business

Maximise your bid’s chance of success by having one of our experts review and recommend changes.

Sometimes small changes can have a big impact. Our experts can make sure you produce easy to read and easy to score tenders by:

  • Ensuring the response is comprehensive, answering all questions completely and competently
  • Suggesting amendments or additions to improve the proposal
  • Ensuring your key differentiators are prominent throughout the response
  • Debriefing after submission to ensure learnings are captured and built in to future bids

By ensuring the answers are accurate and responses are robust, we maximise your chances of success.


  • Improve win rate
  • Build long term capability
  • Take pressure off resources
  • Meet submission deadlines


The price depends on the support required. We try to be as flexible as possible with prices to allow you access to support. Overall price for the project is always agreed up front so there are never any surprises.