Advance Tender Alerts

Get notified of above and below threshold public sector business opportunities up to 6 months in advance

What are Advance Tender Alerts?


Find out when public sector contracts are due to expire with regular emails alerting you up to 6 months before the contract end date with Advance Tender Alerts.

With over five years worth of historical information available, you'll be informed of expiring tenders for both above and below threshold opportunities.

Find out:

  • Who published the tender
  • What the tender was for
  • When the contract is due to expire

What can Advance Tender Alerts be used for?

Advance Tender Alerts are perfect if you are looking to win more business.
Knowing in advance which contracts are due to expire and when, provides you with:

Engage with local authorities

The opportunity to engage with local authorities ahead of the competition.

Winning tender icon

Extra time to organise your bid response team to create a winning bid.

Coordinate a joint bid

The ability to co-ordinate a potential joint bid with other suppliers.

How much does it cost?

£395.00 + VAT per year

This tool is available for annual subscribers to Tenders Direct only

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