Improve your tendering efficiency by linking the UK’s most accurate tender alert service with your business applications.

Accelerate your tendering processes with Integrate

Integrate is an API (application programming interface) that connects Tenders Direct to your favourite business applications, helping to improve your overall tendering efficiency. 

Linking these systems lets you to export tender details with the click of a button, saving you time and effort. Whether you use a messaging service for project communications, or a CRM to coordinate bids, Integrate streamlines your processes.

Integrate with Microsoft Teams
Integrate with Slack
Integrate with Salesforce
Integrate with Zapier
Integrate with HubSpot
Integrate with

What can I do with Integrate?

Integrate creates a bridge between Tenders Direct and a range of other applications, allowing you to:

  • Export contract details directly from Tenders Direct to your CRMs, project management tools, or business applications with the click of a button.
  • Customise the data you want to export, such as title, description, value, deadline, sector, region, etc.
  • Assign tenders to your team and colleagues by adding them to each user’s instance on whichever application they are using.
  • Build your opportunity pipeline effortlessly and track the progress of each tender from start to finish.
  • Develop more efficient tendering processes for planning, collaborating and working on tenders.
  • Reduce errors by working with data exported directly from the source.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating time consuming administrative tasks.

What if I don’t use other business applications?

We offer Opportunity Manager as standard with all Tenders Direct subscriptions – allowing you to manage your tendering pipeline, schedule your tendering activities, and centralise your resources.