Easter Offer 2024

This package has been specifically designed for businesses entering the public sector marketplace for the first time.

Limited availability | Offer expires 19 April 2024

Hop on this offer to save money and access our comprehensive tendering solutions.

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Save £926 with this package

For just £2,599, we will not only guarantee you are informed of every tender across the UK and Ireland, but also equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to win them.

24-Month ‘Basic’ Plan
+ Bid readiness health check
+ 3 months extra subscription
+ 5 Training course credits

Cost:  £3,525 £2,599

Pricing strategies to win tenders

FREE Market Overview

Before you purchase, let us review the market for your business and determine how much work is available. We will consider the size of your business, the services you provide, and the areas you operate in.

With this review, you will be able to decide if the public sector marketplace aligns with your business needs.

How this package will help you to grow your business

Each year, the public sector in the UK and Ireland publishes over 62,000 tenders, creating countless new business opportunities for businesses like yours. The problem is that searching for these opportunities is time-consuming and challenging, as it involves scouring numerous portals and evaluating search results for relevance.

Our service makes finding and winning tenders easier.

We maintain a comprehensive database of every tender published in the UK and Ireland. With our ‘Basic’ tender alert subscription, we eliminate your need to run searches by alerting you to opportunities that align with your business needs and objectives. This means you get greater access to the marketplace with no time wasted jumping from portal to portal, or reading tenders that have no relevance to your business needs.

While the procurement process is fair, and any capable business can win work, your chances of success depend on the quality of your bids. Your bids will be assessed against those submitted by other businesses, so you must be able to demonstrate your value or risk losing contracts to your competitors. Our training courses can take you from beginner to advanced bidwriting skills, and ensure you never miss out on work due to substandard submissions.

To help you get started, your Sales Advisor will also introduce you to our Training & Consultancy team. They will arrange a tender readiness call to ensure you have the right processes in place, and know which training options are best for your business.


All plans include

Finding the right public sector contracts is difficult, and missing perfect opportunities is all too easy.

Public contract notices are published in numerous locations by thousands of different buyers. Tender notices can be found on government databases, websites of individual organisations and purchasing consortia, trade journals and even newspapers. In the UK alone, there are literally hundreds of sources.

Tenders Direct saves you time, and offers you peace of mind, by guaranteeing you will never miss out on suitable contracts. Instead of trawling through long lists of notices from multiple sources to find the ones you want to bid for, you can focus on other tasks while we send the most relevant contracts straight to your inbox.

All of our subscriptions include personalised tender alerts from the UK’s most accurate tender alert service, the use of our bid management tool, and full access to our tender database – with over 7 years of contracts and awards from the UK and EU.

Yes, your data is completely safe with Tenders Direct.

Tenders Direct is part of Proactis Tenders Limited, which is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2022, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). This means Proactis Tenders Limited has implemented a systematic and proactive approach to managing the security of its information assets, including the data of its customers and partners. An ISMS is based on three principles – confidentiality, integrity and availability of information:

Confidentiality means only authorised users have access to sensitive information.
Integrity means information is accurate and complete.
Availability means information is accessible when needed.

By following the requirements and best practices of ISO/IEC 27001:2022, Proactis Tenders Limited demonstrates its commitment to protecting the data of Tenders Direct users from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification or loss.

Terms And Conditions

This package deal is for first-time subscribers of Tenders Direct, and includes: 

This offer is only valid until 19 April 2024 and cannot be exchanged for any monetary value. 

The package cost of £2,599 is to be paid in full prior to the start of the 27-month subscription. The cost cannot be split or paid for with regular direct debits.

Please note all other terms and conditions still apply.