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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
06/12/2018United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Operation, Maintenance, Feedstock Supply, Food Waste, Additional Services AD PlantAberdeen City Councilexpired
01/12/2018United Kingdom-Kilmarnock: Supply of Biomass Fuel Ayrshire Collegeexpired
28/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Qualification System 5 — Indigenous Residual SupplySubscribers Onlyn/a
27/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Qualification System 2 — International Concept Biomass Supply ChainsSubscribers Onlyn/a
24/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Qualification System 3 — Indigenous Forestry SupplySubscribers Onlyn/a
23/11/2018IE-Ireland: Qualification System 3 - Indigenous Forestry Supply (OJEU)Subscribers Only2113 days
23/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: International Established Biomass Supply ChainsSubscribers Onlyn/a
20/11/2018UK-Glasgow: sportscotland National Centre Glenmore Lodge Supply of Pellets for Biomass PlantThe Scottish Sports Council Trading As Sportscotlandexpired
14/11/2018UK-Bakewell: Supply of Biomass Fuel Pellets to Aldern House, Bakewell for a Period up to 5 YearsPeak District National Park Authorityexpired
07/11/2018United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Wood fuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
03/11/2018IE-Ireland: Heat Under a Prescribed Heat Supply ContractTipperary Energy Agencyexpired
03/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Supply of BiomassSubscribers Onlyn/a
02/11/2018UK-Craigavon: Supply and Delivery of Biomass Wood Pellets Armagh City Banbridge And Craigavon Borough Councilexpired
02/11/2018United Kingdom-Dumfries: Wood fuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
30/10/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Supply of BiomassSubscribers OnlyPIN
16/10/2018United Kingdom-Cardiff: Biomass FuelsSubscribers OnlyPIN
23/08/2018United Kingdom-Northampton: Wood fuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
22/08/2018IE-Ireland: Supply of Compacted Wood Briquettes (SHORT DEADLINE)Bord Na Monaexpired
25/07/2018UK-Bradford: Supply of Biomass Wood ChipsBradford Metropolitan District Councilexpired
18/07/2018United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Heating materialsSubscribers OnlyCAN