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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
24/09/2018IE-Ireland: N70 Dromquinna Pavement and Minor Improvement WorksSubscribers Only17 days
22/09/2018Ireland-Dundalk: Clanbrassil Street and St. Nicholas' Quarter Rejuvenation SchemeSubscribers Only35 days
19/09/2018United Kingdom-Newbury: Response and Repair DPS (Property Services)Subscribers Only22 days
18/09/2018UK-Birmingham: Estates - Water Service to WMRCSubscribers Only10 days
14/09/2018UK-Cranfield: District Heating Extension – Agri Informatics to DARTeC section Subscribers Only31 days
14/09/2018United Kingdom-Colchester: Supply of Non Half Hourly Electricity, Half Hourly Electricity, Natural Gas and Water/WastewaterSubscribers Only20 days
11/09/2018UK-Birmingham: HS2 MWC North - Utilities (Design & Construct)Subscribers Only6 days
11/09/2018United Kingdom-Bradford: Minor MEICA FrameworkSubscribers Only10 days
11/09/2018United Kingdom-Bradford: Complex MEICA FrameworkSubscribers Only10 days
07/09/2018UK-Marlow: Phase I Utilities Works Package (OPEN EARLY ENGAGEMENT) (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Subscribers Onlytoday
07/09/2018UK-St Helens: Supply & Installation of New Mains Water Supply & Associated Fire HydrantsSt.Helens Councilexpired
07/09/2018UK-St Helens: Supply & Installation of New Mains Water Supply & Associated Supply ConnectionsSt.Helens Councilexpired
06/09/2018IE-Ireland: Enabling Works Contract to Facilitate the New Academic Building at Maynooth UniversitySubscribers Only10 days
06/09/2018UK-King's Lynn: Utilities Works for Floating RestaurantSubscribers Only24 days
06/09/2018United Kingdom-Belfast: Water and Wastewater Networks Services Framework ContractSubscribers Only10 days
04/09/2018IE-Ireland: Kiltale GWS -Critical Watermains Replacement 2018Kiltale Group Water Schemeexpired
04/09/2018United Kingdom-Reading: Leak-testing servicesThames Water Utilities Limitedexpired
03/09/2018IE-Ireland: Upgrade Works Project 2018Kilmaley-Inagh Group Water Scheme Co-Operative Societyexpired
01/09/2018United Kingdom-London: Project Delivery Services Framework 2018Network Rail Infrastructure Ltdexpired
01/09/2018United Kingdom-Coventry: Design Services Framework AgreementSubscribers Onlyn/a