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14/02/2019IE-Ireland: Castlerea Town Trust - Conservation Architect & Project Management ServicesSubscribers Only20 days
14/02/2019UK-Swindon: Supply of Marine Mapping and Associated Data Subscribers Only13 days
14/02/2019UK-Littlehampton: Arun District Council - Land Drainage Minor Works Framework 2019 - 2022 Subscribers Only26 days
14/02/2019United Kingdom-Bradford: Infrastructure Schemes Clean and Waste NetworksSubscribers Only26 days
14/02/2019United Kingdom-Bradford: Customer Focussed Infrastructure WorksSubscribers Only26 days
13/02/2019UK-Godalming: Appointment of Civil & Structural Engineer: Site B Ockford Ridge, Godalming Subscribers Only20 days
13/02/2019UK-Newry: Removal of the Sandbar at the Entrance to Newcastle Harbour Subscribers Only13 days
13/02/2019UK-Maidstone: Medway Valley Pond Creations and Restorations Lot 3 and Lot 6Subscribers Only16 days
13/02/2019UK-Maidstone: Medway Valley Pond Creations and Restorations Lot 4 and Lot 5Subscribers Only9 days
13/02/2019United Kingdom-Crawley: Crawley Borough Council — Watercourse and Drainage ManagementSubscribers Only37 days
12/02/2019UK-Crawley: Crawley Borough Council - Watercourse & Drainage Management (OJEU)Subscribers Only37 days
12/02/2019IE-Ireland: Bridge & Riverbed Inspection Services (OJEU)Subscribers Only1087 days
12/02/2019Ireland-Dublin: Bridge and Riverbed Inspection ServicesSubscribers Onlyn/a
12/02/2019United Kingdom-Dover: Eastern Docks Cargo Terminal (DCT) DemolitionSubscribers Only43 days
12/02/2019United Kingdom-Dundee: Civil Engineering Works, Bridge Maintenance, General Building Works, and Concrete RepairsSubscribers Only23 days
11/02/2019UK-Lancaster: Services to Facilitate the Implementation of Water for Sanitation Subscribers Only13 days
11/02/2019IE-Ireland: Establishment of Single Party Framework Agreement for Port Master Planning Advisory ServicesSubscribers Only26 days
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Portsmouth: Berth Levelling and Extension Works — Portsmouth International PortSubscribers Only23 days
08/02/2019IE-Ireland: Service Reservoir Major Repairs 2019-2021 (OJEU)Subscribers Only20 days
08/02/2019UK-Scarborough: Masterplan & Feasibility Study for Scarborough HarbourSubscribers Only18 days