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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
14/02/2017United Kingdom-Wakefield: Telematics servicesSubscribers Only3683 days
27/01/2017UK-Glasgow: PURCH1447 Supply & Service support of Acoustic Telemetry Tags & Acoustic ReceiversUniversity Of Glasgowexpired
27/01/2017UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Watercourse Monitoring New Installations (SHORT DEADLINE)Stoke-On-Trent City Councilexpired
26/01/2017UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Watercourse Monitoring Equipment (SHORT DEADLINE)Stoke-On-Trent City Councilexpired
09/01/2017UK-Bristol: Supply and Installation of Vehicle CCTV and Telemetry Avon Fire & Rescue Serviceexpired
07/01/2017Ireland-Dublin: Security information and event management (SIEM) solutionDepartment Of Jobs, Enterprise And Innovationexpired
08/12/2016Ireland-Dublin: Data-communications equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
12/11/2016Ireland-Cork: Construction work for water and sewage pipelinesIrish Waterexpired
10/11/2016IE-Ireland: Design & Build Pumping Station and Rising Main Greenfields Housing Estate, ConvoyDonegal County Councilexpired
31/10/2016UK-Southampton: Long Range Video and Data Telemetry University Of Southamptonexpired
29/10/2016United Kingdom-Nottingham: Vehicle tracking systemAshfield District Councilexpired
21/10/2016UK-London: Civil Engineering Subcontract - Bekesbourne StreetCostain Atkins Black & Veatch Joint Venture (Cabv Jv)expired
20/09/2016United Kingdom-Exeter: Breathing apparatus for firefightingDevon And Somerset Fire And Rescue Authorityexpired
16/09/2016UK-Exeter: Respiratory Protective Equipment and Associated Services (OJEU)Devon And Somerset Fire And Rescue Authorityexpired
07/09/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: National fuels frameworkSubscribers OnlyPIN
06/09/2016Ireland-Cork: Market intelligence gathering for national telemetry (master station) system for Irish WaterSubscribers Onlyn/a
09/08/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Electro-optical sensorsMinistry Of Defence, Istar, Otherexpired
27/07/2016Ireland-Cork: Construction work for water projectsIrish Waterexpired
26/07/2016UK-Tewkesbury: Telemetry in the Environment AgencyDefra On Behalf Of The Environment Agencyexpired
19/07/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Automatic monitoring and targeting (AM&T) services and energy management softwareSubscribers OnlyPIN