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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
01/02/2017UK-Swindon: Multi-Channel Fibre Optics Distributed Temperature Measurement SystemUk Shared Business Services Ltdexpired
20/01/2017United Kingdom-Keele: Construction workUniversity Of Keeleexpired
12/11/2016Ireland-Cork: Construction work for water and sewage pipelinesIrish Waterexpired
09/11/2016UK-London: LUL Northern Line Extension - Telecommunications, BMS & SCADAFlo (Ferrovial Laing O'rourke Joint Venture) expired
21/10/2016UK-London: Civil Engineering Subcontract - Bekesbourne StreetCostain Atkins Black & Veatch Joint Venture (Cabv Jv)expired
15/10/2016United Kingdom-Bath: Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering workSubscribers Onlyn/a
05/10/2016United Kingdom-Manchester: Urban railway worksSubscribers Onlyn/a
30/09/2016UK-Manchester: Metrolink Renewals and Enhancements Framework (PIN)Transport For Greater Manchesterexpired
20/09/2016United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Smart grid communications solution projectSubscribers Onlyn/a
10/08/2016Ireland-Dublin: Highways consultancy servicesTransport Infrastructure Ireland (Tii)expired
09/08/2016UK-Liverpool: Traffic Management Technology 2 (EXTENDED SHORT DEADLINE)Crown Commercial Serviceexpired
05/07/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Road equipmentThe Minister For The Cabinet Office Acting Through Crown Commercial Service Partexpired
29/04/2016UK-London: LUL Northern Line Extension - AC Traction PowerFlo (Ferrovial Laing O'rourke Joint Venture) - Lul Northern Lineexpired
05/03/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Baggage-handling systemBristol Airportexpired