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14/02/2019UK-Littlehampton: Arun District Council - Land Drainage Minor Works Framework 2019 - 2022 Subscribers Only26 days
14/02/2019United Kingdom-Bradford: Infrastructure Schemes Clean and Waste NetworksSubscribers Only26 days
14/02/2019United Kingdom-Bradford: Customer Focussed Infrastructure WorksSubscribers Only26 days
13/02/2019UK-London: Drainage Installation MaintenanceSubscribers Only17 days
13/02/2019UK-Sheffield: 2183/SW Drain Clearance 2019 -2022 Subscribers Only20 days
13/02/2019UK-Haverfordwest: Provision of Drainage Services and Pumping Station/Sewerage Plant MaintenanceSubscribers Only25 days
12/02/2019UK-London: HS2 Main Works S1 & S2, WP179.2 - Utility CCTV Surveys (ADDENDUM) (Short Deadline)Scs Joint Ventureexpired
12/02/2019United Kingdom-Reading: Beckton STW AMP7 UpgradeSubscribers Only23 days
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Portsmouth: Repair and maintenance servicesSubscribers Only23 days
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Northallerton: Hard Facilities Management Servicing and Repairs 2019-2023Subscribers Only23 days
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Livingston: Minor WorksSubscribers OnlyPIN
08/02/2019UK-Douglas: All Island Sewerage Rehabilitation Framework 2019 - 2024 Subscribers Only6 days
08/02/2019IE-Ireland: Service Reservoir Major Repairs 2019-2021 (OJEU)Subscribers Only20 days
08/02/2019UK-Worcester: Bromsgrove Maintenance Pack 4 (OJEU)Subscribers Only2 days
08/02/2019UK-Worcester: Bromsgrove Maintenance Pack 2 (OJEU)Subscribers Only6 days
08/02/2019Ireland-Cork: Service Reservoir Major Repairs 2019–2021Subscribers Only20 days
08/02/2019United Kingdom-Livingston: Maintenance and Cleaning: Interceptors; Road Gullies; Safety Drains; etc. and Disposal of WasteSubscribers Only23 days
08/02/2019United Kingdom-Uxbridge: Minor WorksSubscribers OnlyPIN
07/02/2019UK-Newport (Wales): Market Arcade Townscape Heritage Scheme - Conservation Works Subscribers OnlyPIN
06/02/2019United Kingdom-Coventry: Soft Market Test Innovation PartnershipSubscribers OnlyPIN