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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
19/09/2018United Kingdom-Bristol: Tooling and Fixture Framework AgreementSubscribers Only23 days
19/09/2018United Kingdom-Coleraine: Robotic Welding CellUniversity Of Ulsterexpired
18/09/2018United Kingdom-Leeds: Machinery for Manufacturing ToothbrushesSubscribers Only9 days
18/09/2018United Kingdom-Filton: Combined Blood Grouping and ScreeningSubscribers OnlyPIN
17/09/2018UK-Leeds: Tooling, Tufting, Finishing and Packing Machinery to Manufacture ToothbrushesSubscribers Only9 days
14/09/2018United Kingdom-Hull: PCB Suite — AuraSubscribers Only20 days
13/09/2018UK-Sheffield: Rotating Bore Cladding Lance (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Subscribers Only7 days
13/09/2018UK-Hull: Rapid Prototyping PCB DevelopmentSubscribers Only17 days
12/09/2018UK-Coleraine: Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Robotic Welding Cell University Of Ulster expired
10/09/2018IE-Ireland: Supply (and Installation Where Applicable) of Digital Equipment Donegal County Councilexpired
08/09/2018United Kingdom-Abingdon: Low Power Electron Beam Gun with Control Interface and MountingSubscribers Only21 days
06/09/2018IE-Ireland: 3D Printer (OJEU)Subscribers Only13 days
01/09/2018United Kingdom-Sheffield: Continuous Extrusion Machine for MetalsSubscribers Only13 days
31/08/2018UK-Hull: 3D Composites and Metal Printers- Aura (EXTENDED/SHORT DEADLINE)University Of Hullexpired
28/08/2018UK-Hull: 3D Composites and Metal Printers- Aura (VERY SHORT DEADLINE)University Of Hull expired
28/08/2018Ireland-Limerick: Printing and graphics equipmentEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
27/08/2018IE-Ireland: Supply and installation of a 400W Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment (OJEU)Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
24/08/2018UK-Sheffield: Rotating Bore Cladding Lance University Of Sheffieldexpired
24/08/2018IE-Ireland: Melt ElectrospinnerUniversity College Dublin ( Ucd )expired
21/08/2018United Kingdom-Coleraine: Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Robotic Welding CellUniversity Of Ulsterexpired