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04/11/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Surgical Implants — Men's and Women's HealthSubscribers OnlyPIN
30/09/2016United Kingdom-Sheffield: Theatre surgery consumablesNorth Of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (Noe Cpc) (Hosted By And Aexpired
29/09/2016UK-Leeds: Theatre Surgery Consumables (OJEU)North Of England Commercial Procurement Collaborativeexpired
15/06/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: External breast prostheses and accessoriesNhs Supply Chain Acting As Agent For Nhs Business Services Authorityexpired
10/06/2016UK-Shrewsbury: Breast ProsthesisShropshire Healthcare Procurement Serviceexpired
27/04/2016UK-London: Fitting Room and Retail Concession for Guy's Cancer CentreGuy's And St. Thomas Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
22/04/2016United Kingdom-Sheffield: Theatre surgery consumables frameworkSubscribers OnlyPIN