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14/02/2019UK-Belfast: Maintenance and Performance Monitoring of Combined Heat and Power Plant (PRE-MARKET ENGAGEMENT)Subscribers Only12 days
14/02/2019United Kingdom-Swindon: Shrewsbury Flax Mill Maltings Main Mill and Kiln Project Phase 3Subscribers Only45 days
13/02/2019UK-Haverfordwest: Fabrication of the Intervention Tool Structure for the mWave DemonstratorSubscribers Only34 days
13/02/2019UK-Haverfordwest: Fabrication of the Cell Module Structure for the mWave DemonstratorSubscribers Only27 days
13/02/2019United Kingdom-Perth: Eastern HVDC Supplier QuestionnaireSubscribers Onlyn/a
12/02/2019UK-Swindon: Shrewsbury Flax Mill Maltings – Main Mill & Kiln Project Phase 3 Subscribers Only45 days
12/02/2019United Kingdom-Peterborough: Servicing and Remedial Maintenance of Biogas EquipmentSubscribers Only20 days
12/02/2019United Kingdom-Reading: Beckton STW AMP7 UpgradeSubscribers Only23 days
11/02/2019UK-London: Nigeria Generating Sets Maintenance Services (3 Units of Perkins Engine 150 KVA Generators) Subscribers Only6 days
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Seascale: Supply of AGR Internal Transit Flask PackageSubscribers OnlyPIN
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Sheffield: Smart Energy Module for the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC)Subscribers OnlyPIN
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Northallerton: Hard Facilities Management Servicing and Repairs 2019-2023Subscribers Only23 days
07/02/2019UK-St Asaph: T.0969 High Voltage Cable Installation at Wrexham Maelor HospitalSubscribers Only4 days
05/02/2019United Kingdom-London: Wind Turbine ServiceSubscribers Only18 days
05/02/2019United Kingdom-Gloucester: Access and Insulation Services FrameworkSubscribers Only16 days
05/02/2019United Kingdom-Liverpool: Construction Works and Associated ServicesSubscribers Only27 days
04/02/2019UK-Glasgow: Partick Housing Association Ltd., Servicing of Common Plant and CHP SystemSubscribers Only18 days
04/02/2019UK-Glasgow: University Centre Steam Boiler ReplacementSubscribers Only16 days
04/02/2019IE-Ireland: West Durham Wind Farm - Wind Turbine Service & Availability Agreement (SAA) (OJEU)Subscribers Only18 days
04/02/2019UK-Thornbury: Access and Insulation Services Framework (OJEU)Subscribers Only16 days