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06/12/2018UK-Oxford: Uniaxial Mechanical Testing UnitSubscribers Only9 days
06/12/2018United Kingdom-Aberdeen: Operation, Maintenance, Feedstock Supply, Food Waste, Additional Services AD PlantSubscribers Only47 days
05/12/2018UK-Walsall: WP3468 - Generator and UPS for the IT Suite (OJEU)Subscribers Only36 days
05/12/2018United Kingdom-London: Tender Round 6 (TR6) for the Grant of 3 Offshore Transmission LicencesSubscribers Only60 days
04/12/2018UK-London: Tender Round 6 (TR6) for the Grant of Three Offshore Transmission LicencesSubscribers Only60 days
03/12/2018UK-Wakefield: Upgrade of a High Voltage Intake Substation at Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield Subscribers Only8 days
03/12/2018UK-Pembroke Dock: Fabrication of Main Structure fo mWave Wave Energy Converter DemonstratorSubscribers Only52 days
01/12/2018United Kingdom-Widnes: Design, Build, Install, Maintenance — Construction of 1 MW Solar FarmSubscribers Only39 days
30/11/2018UK-London: Zavidovici Green Infrastructure - Feasibility StudySubscribers Only11 days
30/11/2018UK-Lisburn: Planned Preventative Maintenance of Wind TurbineSubscribers Only12 days
30/11/2018United Kingdom-London: Virunga Power — Lilondi EPC ProcurementInfraco Africa On Behalf Virunga Power — Lilondi Epc Procurementexpired
28/11/2018UK-Stockton-on-Tees: Middlesbrough District Energy Network - Technical Adviser (EXTENDED SHORT DEADLINE)Stockton Borough Councilexpired
28/11/2018United Kingdom-Reading: Anti-tamper Device for Electricity Meter ReferenceSubscribers Only12 days
27/11/2018UK-Carlisle: M&E Services for Distributed Heating at Lancaster (SHORT DEADLINE)University Of Cumbriaexpired
27/11/2018IE-Ireland: 500KVA Prime Enclosed Generator Set Subscribers Only3 days
27/11/2018United Kingdom-Reading: LISAS — Line Inspection by Semi-autonomous SystemsSse Plcexpired
24/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Civil Balance of Plant — Cloncreen Wind FarmSubscribers Only12 days
23/11/2018Ireland-Tullamore: Electrical Balance of Plant — Cloncreen Wind FarmSubscribers Only12 days
22/11/2018Ireland-Wicklow: Soliciting Interest to Invest in Coillte's Bio Energy OpportunitySubscribers Only10 days
21/11/2018IE-Ireland: Soliciting interest to invest in Coillte's Bio Energy Opportunity (OJEU)Coillte Cgaexpired