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06/12/2018UK-Nottingham: Supply of Meter Boxes (EXTENDED VERY SHORT DEADLINE)Nottingham City Councilexpired
03/12/2018UK-Nottingham: Supply of Meter Boxes (VERY SHORT DEADLINE)Nottingham City Councilexpired
30/11/2018Ireland-Cork: Ballycoolen to Forrest Little Trunkmain SchemeSubscribers Only31 days
30/11/2018United Kingdom-London: Energy Brokers and ConsultancySubscribers Only24 days
29/11/2018IE-Ireland: Ballycoolen to Forrest Little Trunkmain Scheme (OJEU)Subscribers Only31 days
28/11/2018United Kingdom-Reading: Anti-tamper Device for Electricity Meter ReferenceSubscribers Only12 days
27/11/2018UK-London: Smart Meter Load Control Device TrialSubscribers Only1 day
21/11/2018UK-London: Smart Meter Research Portal (SMRP): DCC Adaptor Service University College Londonexpired
13/11/2018United Kingdom-Edgbaston: Utilities Management and Ancillary ServicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
12/11/2018UK-Brecon: Solar power solutions for National Park Authority buildingsSubscribers OnlyCAN
10/11/2018United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: NEPO302 Gas Supply Framework AgreementSubscribers Only3 days
09/11/2018United Kingdom-Stepps: Various pipe fittingsSubscribers OnlyCAN
05/11/2018UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Installation of 51nr Gas Meter Boxes to Various Properties Stoke On Trent City Councilexpired
03/11/2018IE-Ireland: Heat Under a Prescribed Heat Supply ContractTipperary Energy Agencyexpired
03/11/2018United Kingdom-Coventry: Public utilitiesSubscribers OnlyCAN
30/10/2018United Kingdom-Stepps: Construction work for water projectsSubscribers OnlyCAN
30/10/2018UK-Gloucester: Minor Works FrameworkSubscribers OnlyPIN
27/10/2018United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Scottish Procurement Framework Agreement for Water and Waste Water Billing ServicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
24/10/2018United Kingdom-London: Repair and maintenance services of building installationsSubscribers OnlyCAN
23/10/2018United Kingdom-Peterborough: Business Process OutsourcingAnglian Water Services Limitedexpired