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31/08/2018UK-Sheffield: Conveyor System for Façade Production Demonstrator University Of Sheffieldexpired
31/08/2018UK-Aberystwyth: Counter-Current Washer (URN B2-10)Subscribers OnlyPIN
31/08/2018UK-Aberystwyth: Bio-mass Belt Dryer (URN B2-11)Subscribers OnlyPIN
21/08/2018UK-Seascale: CTM ID 10618 - MSSS Package & Gamma Gates - Door Drive LeadscrewSellafield Ltdexpired
20/08/2018UK-Aberystwyth: Seed Cleaning Equipment (URN B1-2)Subscribers OnlyPIN
17/08/2018UK-Llandudno: Automated bottling line with 2 x 4000ltr Bright Beer tanksGreat Orme Brewery Ltdexpired
10/08/2018United Kingdom-London: Baggage-handling systemLondon City Airport Limitedexpired
08/08/2018UK-London: Provision of Mechanical Handling EquipmentLondon Fire Commissionerexpired
07/08/2018United Kingdom-Thurso: Overhead Container CraneDounreay Site Restoration Limitedexpired
04/08/2018United Kingdom-Hull: Reach StackersAssociated British Portsexpired
01/08/2018Ireland-Ballina: Provision and Installation of Automated Malting PlantSubscribers Only4 days
27/07/2018IE-Ireland: Supply and Delivery of Clamshell Type Grab Suitable for Handling Woodchip ProductShannon Foynes Port Companyexpired
24/07/2018United Kingdom-Birmingham: Check-In Upgrade (BHS Phase 2)Birmingham Airport Limitedexpired
19/07/2018UK-Welshpool: Egg Processing ConveyorSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Welshpool: Egg Processing packer and stackerSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Caersws: Robot/Palletiser and TableSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Caersws: Egg Packer and Egg StackerSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Caersws: Supply and Installation of Egg ConveyorSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Caersws: Robot Packer Stacker and CounterSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/07/2018UK-Caersws: Conveyor for transportation of EggsSubscribers OnlyPIN