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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
18/07/2018UK-London: SNCFT Network Upgrade Project: Network Development StrategySubscribers Only57 days
11/07/2018UK-Livingston: Investigate prevalence of CO2 from disused mineral mines and implications for residential buildingsSubscribers Only27 days
10/07/2018UK-Cardiff: Repair, Restoration and Reinstatement of two Grade 2 listed HeadGear FramesSubscribers Only21 days
10/07/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Telemetry equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
05/07/2018UK-Kirkwall: Cursiter Quarry - Demolition & Removal of Redundant Asphalt PlantSubscribers Only8 days
05/07/2018UK-Mansfield: Provision of a New Telemetry System (EVENT)Subscribers Only36 days
05/07/2018UK-Bristol: Ground Investigation - DPSSubscribers Only1381 days
03/07/2018UK-Bakewell: Site Clearance, Demolition, Waste Removal & Land Re-GradingSubscribers Only15 days
29/06/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Reedbed Refurbishment ProgrammeSubscribers OnlyPIN
28/06/2018UK-Mansfield: Reedbed Management Strategy - Development and Implementation (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
27/06/2018UK-Livingston: West Lothian Council - Skolie Burn Bridge / Mineral Investigation / Consolidation WorksSubscribers Only6 days
26/06/2018UK-Kingston upon Thames: Geological, Geotechnical, Hydrological and Hydrogeological Consultancy ServicesSurrey County Council expired
25/06/2018UK-Kirkwall: Cursiter Quarry Ground InvestigationOrkney Islands Councilexpired
14/06/2018UK-London: Shalkiya Zinc: Pre-Privatization LoanEuropean Bank For Reconstruction And Developmentexpired
11/06/2018UK-Mansfield: Chemostratigraphic Analysis by Lab MethodsThe Coal Authorityexpired
09/06/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Chemical Dosing Plant Upgrade and Minor Civils at a site in ScotlandSubscribers OnlyPIN
07/06/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Provision of Subsidence Damage Repairs and DecoratingThe Coal Authorityexpired
28/05/2018UK-Mansfield: Minewater Treatment Civil Engineering, Refurbishment & Minor Works - AMENDED (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
28/05/2018UK-Mansfield: Minewater Treatment Civil Engineering, Refurbishment & Minor WorksSubscribers Onlyn/a
26/05/2018United Kingdom-London: EBRD - Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Uzbekistan Remediation of Uranium Mining Legacy SitesSubscribers OnlyPIN