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10/12/2018UK-Falmouth: Subsea Drill Testing and AnalysisSubscribers Only6 days
10/12/2018UK-Falmouth: Design and Construction of Underwater Drill Subscribers Only6 days
10/12/2018UK-Falmouth: Design and Construction of Drill Unit Subscribers Only6 days
07/12/2018UK-Mansfield: Ynysarwed Asset Condition Survey (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
13/11/2018UK-Aberdeen: Supply of a Mobile Wash Screen / Rinser to Pitcaple QuarrySubscribers OnlyCAN
08/11/2018UK-Kirkwall: Cursiter Quarry Ground InvestigationSubscribers OnlyCAN
08/11/2018UK-Kirkwall: Cursiter Quarry - Demolition & Removal of Redundant Asphalt PlantSubscribers OnlyCAN
05/11/2018UK-Livingston: Investigate prevalence of CO2 from disused mineral mines and implications for residential buildingsSubscribers OnlyCAN
03/11/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Construction workSubscribers OnlyCAN
02/11/2018UK-Brades: Trant’s quarry site and rehabilitating the quarrySubscribers OnlyPIN
02/11/2018United Kingdom-Manchester: Building consultancy servicesSubscribers OnlyCAN
25/10/2018UK-Bridgend: Caerau Mine Water Heat SchemeSubscribers OnlyPIN
13/10/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Lab Analysis and Field MonitoringSubscribers OnlyPIN
10/10/2018UK-Mansfield: Field Monitoring & Lab Analysis (PIN)Subscribers Onlyn/a
28/09/2018Ireland-Dublin: Road-inspection servicesSubscribers OnlyCAN
25/09/2018United Kingdom-Cardiff: Geological consultancy servicesSubscribers OnlyCAN
08/09/2018United Kingdom-Stornoway: RoadstoneSubscribers OnlyCAN
06/09/2018United Kingdom-Glasgow: DesignsSubscribers OnlyCAN
04/09/2018United Kingdom-Oldham: FCHO Consultant Framework AgreementFirst Choice Homes Oldhamexpired
30/08/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Electrochemical Treatment Plants for Mine Water TreatmentSubscribers OnlyPIN