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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
11/02/2019United Kingdom-Belfast: Provision of Bulk FuelsSubscribers Only16 days
07/02/2019UK-Belfast: S1190 (2019) - Provision of Bulk Fuels (OJEU)Subscribers Only16 days
05/02/2019United Kingdom-King's Lynn: Heating oil and white diesel Subscribers Only20 days
29/01/2019United Kingdom-Maidstone: Liquid FuelsSubscribers Only9 days
29/01/2019United Kingdom-Caerphilly: FuelsSubscribers Only5 days
28/01/2019UK-West Malling: Supply and Delivery of Liquid Fuels with Additional ServicesSubscribers Only9 days
21/12/2018United Kingdom-Bristol: Global Bulk Fuels Service (GBFS)Subscribers OnlyPIN
20/12/2018United Kingdom-Beverley: 663-19 Bottled GasesEast Riding Of Yorkshire Councilexpired
18/12/2018UK-Beverley: Bottled GasesEast Riding Of Yorkshire Councilexpired
05/12/2018IE-Ireland: Supply of Marked Gas Oil and KeroseneIarnrod Eireann-Irish Railexpired
01/12/2018United Kingdom-Torquay: Lease for Marine Fuel StationTorbay Councilexpired
10/11/2018United Kingdom-London: Government servicesProcurement For Schools Ltdexpired
30/10/2018United Kingdom-Haverfordwest: Aviation keroseneSubscribers OnlyCAN
09/10/2018United Kingdom-Middlesbrough: Petroleum and distillatesSubscribers OnlyCAN
05/10/2018United Kingdom-York: FuelsAskham Bryan Collegeexpired
10/09/2018UK-Liverpool: Utilities Switching Services (DPS)Subscribers Only1283 days
06/09/2018Ireland-Dublin: Kerosene jet type fuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
25/08/2018United Kingdom-Lochgilphead: Supply of fuel and associated servicesArgyll And Bute Councilexpired
24/08/2018United Kingdom-Haverfordwest: Framework for the supply of Aviation FuelPembrokeshire County Councilexpired
21/08/2018United Kingdom-Middlesbrough: Petroleum and distillatesSubscribers OnlyCAN