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14/06/2019UK-Colchester: Heritage Highlighted ProjectSubscribers Only18 days
13/06/2019UK-Glenrothes: CU/179/18 Blyth Hall, CS7601625 Stage LightingSubscribers Only10 days
13/06/2019UK-Alfreton: Christmas Lights Contract 2019 - 2022Subscribers Only75 days
13/06/2019IE-Ireland: Creation & Production of the 2019 Winterval Illuminations 3D LightshowSubscribers Only18 days
07/06/2019UK-Swindon: Historic Lighting Testing, Packing and Storage, Marble Hill House Subscribers Only24 days
07/06/2019UK-Swindon: Supply of Graphic Design, Art Work and Lighting Design Subscribers Only12 days
05/06/2019UK-Slough: Christmas Lights (RFQ)Slough Borough Council expired
05/06/2019United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Professional Property Services FrameworkSubscribers Only47 days
03/06/2019UK-London: Art of Innovation: Exhibition Main ContractorSubscribers Only5 days
30/05/2019UK-Stockton-on-Tees: Stockton Riverside College: Theatre RefurbishmentSubscribers Only2 days
23/05/2019IE-Ireland: Lighting & Sound Installations to Ballinamore Community Hall CLGBallinamore Community Hall Clgexpired
23/05/2019UK-Newcastle Upon Tyne: C-011449 Festive LightsSubscribers Only8 days
23/05/2019United Kingdom-London: Construction of a Resource Recovery Facility (RRF), Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC) and EcoPark HouseSubscribers OnlyPIN
21/05/2019UK-Spalding: Spalding Town Centre Festive Lighting Support ContractorSubscribers Only1 day
21/05/2019United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Hire of Festive LightingSubscribers Only10 days
21/05/2019United Kingdom-Manchester: Manchester Christmas Lighting SchemeSubscribers Only1 day
21/05/2019United Kingdom-Perth: Reactive and Planned MaintenanceSubscribers OnlyPIN
21/05/2019United Kingdom-Glasgow: Market Engagement for Govan-Partick Footbridge ConstructionSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/05/2019UK-Lyndhurst: Christmas Illuminations Services For Ringwood Town Centre Commencing December 2019Subscribers Only5 days
17/05/2019UK-Manchester: Design & Provision of Manchester Christmas Lighting SchemeSubscribers Only1 day