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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
27/11/2018United Kingdom-Belfast: Supply of Oils and LubricantsSubscribers Only32 days
09/11/2018Ireland-Dublin: Supply and Delivery of Rail Gauge Face Lubrication GreaseSubscribers Only4 days
30/10/2018UK-Huntingdon: Ford Spare Parts to Support the White Fleet on the Falkland IslandsSubscribers Only5 days
30/10/2018Ireland-Dublin: Supply of Engineering ConsumablesDublin Bus / Bus Atha Cliathexpired
30/10/2018United Kingdom-Huntingdon: Provision of Ford Spare Parts to support the White Fleet on the Falkland IslandsSubscribers Only5 days
20/10/2018United Kingdom-Leicester: Lubricating Oils, Greases and AntifreezeEspoexpired
25/08/2018United Kingdom-Sheffield: Gas cooling systemsSubscribers OnlyCAN
10/08/2018UK-Douglas: Supply of Shell Argina T40 Oil (QUICK QUOTE)The Isle Of Man Government expired
10/08/2018United Kingdom-Belfast: Anti-Freeze and Diesel Exhaust FluidTranslinkexpired
03/08/2018Ireland-Dublin: FuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
28/07/2018United Kingdom-London: Consolidated Management and Supply of Indirect Materials and ConsumablesNetwork Rail Infrastructure Ltdexpired
18/07/2018United Kingdom-Bristol: FuelsSubscribers OnlyCAN
12/06/2018UK-Warwick: Supply of Lineside Fluid Fill EquipmentSubscribers OnlyCAN
07/06/2018United Kingdom-Sheffield: High Pressure CO2 Coolant System with Minimum Quantity Lubrication AbilityThe University Of Sheffieldexpired
30/05/2018United Kingdom-Sheffield: Gas cooling systemsSubscribers OnlyCAN
18/05/2018UK-Omagh: TSS23 Grease and OilsFermanagh & Omagh District Councilexpired
24/04/2018United Kingdom-Sheffield: Gas cooling systemsThe University Of Sheffieldexpired
04/04/2018United Kingdom-Gourock: Supply and Delivery of Marine Lubricating Oils and GreasesCalmac Ferries Limitedexpired
16/03/2018United Kingdom-Yeovil: Lubricating oils and lubricating agentsSubscribers OnlyCAN
16/02/2018UK-Glasgow: Engineering ConsumablesStrathclyde Partnership For Transport (Utilities)expired