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14/07/2018United Kingdom-Gourock: Replacement Generator SetsSubscribers Only25 days
03/07/2018UK-Redcar: HV CablesSouth Tees Site Company Ltdexpired
02/07/2018UK-Canterbury: Replacement of Industrial Zone 750KVA Transformer & Provision of New HV Ring Main UnitEast Kent Hospitals University expired
28/06/2018UK-Redcar: Transformer Oil Removal (SHORT DEADLINE)South Tees Site Company Ltdexpired
26/06/2018UK-London: Feasibility Study into the Use of High Voltage Couplers on Rolling StockRail Safety And Standards Board Ltdexpired
22/06/2018UK-Lossiemouth: Scotland North (SDA 1) - HV & LV Works (SUB-CONTRACT)Carillionamey Ltdexpired
18/06/2018UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Annual Servicing of Transformers and Switchgear (RE-ADVERTISEMENT)Stoke On Trent City Councilexpired
07/06/2018UK-London: Support the Development of High-Voltage Dynamic Cable DesignsThe Carbon Trustexpired
31/05/2018UK-Falkirk: Combined Heating and Power including Private wire, High Flats & Various Locations, FalkirkSubscribers OnlyPIN
29/05/2018UK-Cardiff: High Voltage DC Power SupplyCardiff Universityexpired
28/05/2018UK-Keele: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Smart Innovation Hub Sub-StationKeele Universityexpired
24/05/2018UK-Cranfield: UKRIC 1 Services Diversions (Enabling) Cranfield University expired
23/05/2018UK-Belfast: Provision of Authorising Engineering Services (HV-LV) Procurement And Logistics Service On Behalf Of South Eastern Health And Social expired
17/05/2018United Kingdom-London: Development, Manufacture and Supply of DC Breaker with Integrated Shorting Capability for DC NetworksNetwork Rail Infrastructure Ltdexpired
12/05/2018Ireland-Cork: Greenlink Interconnector ProjectSubscribers Onlyn/a
11/05/2018UK-Felixstowe: Berth 9 Yard Empties Park (SHORT DEADLINE)Hutchison Ports (Uk) Ltdexpired
08/05/2018United Kingdom-London: HV Power Works - TFLSubscribers Onlyn/a
02/05/2018United Kingdom-Nottingham: High voltage high power bi-directional DC Power Supply SystemThe University Of Nottinghamexpired
01/05/2018UK-Nottingham: High voltage High power Gri-tied DC Bi-Directional Power Supply System University Of Nottinghamexpired
26/04/2018UK-Luton: Electrical Works Framework (EXTENDED DEADLINE)London Luton Airport expired