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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
17/02/2017UK-Swansea: Framework for 5 Street Trading Pitches along the Swansea SeafrontSubscribers Only18 days
17/02/2017UK-Tonypandy: RCT Meet the Buyer Event - Friday 3rd March 2017 Subscribers OnlyPIN
16/02/2017UK-Newport (Wales): City Parks Catering Concession - Tredegar ParkSubscribers Only18 days
10/02/2017UK-Sandbach: Concession for the Provision of Parks Cafes Catering Services – West Park (EXTENDED/SHORT DEADLINE)Cheshire East Borough Councilexpired
10/02/2017UK-Matlock: Supply of Ice CreamSubscribers Only14 days
09/02/2017UK-Exeter: Refreshments Vendor based at Stover Country ParkSubscribers Only14 days
08/02/2017UK-Walsall: Parks Catering Concessions Subscribers Onlytoday
08/02/2017UK-West Bridgford: Ice Cream Van Based Sales at Two Rushcliffe Borough Council Annual EventsSubscribers Only3 days
08/02/2017United Kingdom-Dorchester: FoodSubscribers Only24 days
03/02/2017UK-Folkestone: Ice Cream Rights 2017-19Subscribers Only9 days
02/02/2017UK-Penryn: Supply of PastiesFalmouth Exeter Plusexpired
31/01/2017UK-Douglas: Food and Food Related ProductsThe Isle Of Man Governmentexpired
30/01/2017UK-Derry: Frozen Products Tender No. T001 /17 Apex Housing Association Ltdexpired
25/01/2017UK-Wigton: Food ConcessionsSubscribers Only14 days
21/01/2017Ireland-Dublin: Frozen goodsSubscribers Only14 days
19/01/2017United Kingdom-Preston: Grocery, frozen food, confectionery and soft drink productsSubscribers Only7 days
17/01/2017UK-Oldbury: Ice Cream and Slush Concession Opportunity 2017Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Councilexpired
17/01/2017United Kingdom-Armagh: Frozen foodEducation Authorityexpired
16/01/2017UK-Belfast: Frozen Food for the Education Authority (OJEU)Education Authority Ni expired
06/01/2017United Kingdom-York: Snacks and soft drinksSubscribers Only3 days