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21/09/2018UK-Battle: Fabrication Services for Wave Energy ConverterSubscribers Only17 days
31/08/2018UK-Pembroke Dock: Marine Engineering ServicesBombora Wave Power Europe Limitedexpired
24/04/2018UK-Blyth: Grid Emulation CivilsOffshore Renewable Energy Catapultexpired
14/02/2018UK-London: Offshore Wind Accelerator: Transition Piece Interface with Walk to Work Gangways ProjectThe Carbon Trustexpired
14/02/2018UK-London: Offshore Wind Accelerator: Recommended Boat Landing Design ProjectThe Carbon Trustexpired
12/12/2017United Kingdom-Swindon: Design, construction and pre-deployment testing of seabed CO2 gas pipe positioning rigNatural Environment Research Councilexpired