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23/02/2017UK-London: MHRA - Scientific Purchase of Micro Array Scanner Subscribers Only14 days
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Automated molecular testing system for fetal RHD screeningSubscribers Only31 days
10/02/2017UK-Edinburgh: Provision of Genotype Services to SRUCSubscribers Only14 days
08/02/2017UK-Bath: Microwave-Assisted Peptide Synthesiser and Organic ReactorUniversity Of Bathexpired
01/02/2017UK-London: Nucleic Acid Extraction InstrumentDefra Network Etendering Portal expired
25/01/2017IE-Ireland: DNA ExtractorOur Lady's Children's Hospitalexpired
24/01/2017UK-Leeds: Gel Documentation SystemUniversity Of Leedsexpired
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Bristol: Provision of rapid-deoxyribonucleic acid (R-DNA) deviceMinistry Of Defence, Land Equipment, Special Projects Scm (Spscm)expired
29/12/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: DNA extraction systemsNhs Blood And Transplantexpired
21/12/2016UK-London: Supply & Maintenance of Next Generation DNA SequencerDefra Network Etendering Portal On Behalf Of The Environment Agencyexpired
17/12/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: DNA extraction systemsNhs Blood And Transplantexpired
16/12/2016UK-Swindon: OMNIgene•GUT Uk Shared Business Services Ltdexpired
16/12/2016UK-Bristol: DNA Extraction Systems (OJEU)Nhs Blood & Transplant expired
15/12/2016UK-Swindon: Kit to Perform Targeted Bisulfite-Seq in Specified Regions of Interest (SHORT DEADLINE)Uk Shared Business Services Ltdexpired
13/12/2016IE-Ireland: Custom Service for a Library Preparation and Next-Generation RNA Sequencing ServiceEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
08/12/2016UK-Aberystwyth: Next-generation Sequencing of restriction-Site-Associated DNA (RAD-Seq) from 1300 Miscanthus GenotypAberystwyth Universityexpired
22/11/2016Ireland-Naas: Request for information — PCR suite for HSE Hospital laboratoryHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
12/11/2016United Kingdom-London: Supply of forensic servicesMayor And Commonalty And Citizens Of The City Of London In Their Capacity As Polexpired
10/11/2016UK-London: Supply of Forensic Services City Of London - Capitalesourcingexpired
03/11/2016UK-Cambridge: Automated Isothermal Titration CalorimeterUniversity Of Cambridge expired