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10/02/2017IE-Ireland: Portable Echocardiography (ECHO MACHINES)Subscribers Onlytoday
31/01/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: Endoscopy accessoriesSubscribers Onlytoday
05/01/2017United Kingdom-Normanton: Ophthalmic capital equipment and associated accessoriesNhs Supply Chain Acting As Agent For Nhs Business Services Authorityexpired
18/11/2016United Kingdom-Wirral: Maintenance for ultrasound machines and associated probesWirral University Teaching Hospital Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
10/11/2016IE-Ireland: Ultrasound Machine for Nurse Led PICC Line Insertion ServiceHealth Service Executive (Hse)expired
13/10/2016IE-Ireland: Portable Ultrasound System Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Dublin Incorporating The National Children's Hospitaexpired
22/09/2016UK-Sutton: Probes (SHORT DEADLINE)Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals Nhs Trustexpired
31/05/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Ophthalmology equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
19/04/2016United Kingdom-Poole: Repair and maintenance services of medical equipmentDorset Healthcare University Nhs Foundation Trustexpired