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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
27/02/2017UK-Kidderminster: Contract for the Right to Sell Refreshments in Brinton Park KidderminsterSubscribers Only18 days
25/02/2017United Kingdom-Bushey: School catering servicesSubscribers Only27 days
24/02/2017UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Mobile Catering Unit - Hanley ParkSubscribers Only21 days
24/02/2017UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Mobile Catering Concession - Queens Park Longton Subscribers Only21 days
24/02/2017UK-Warwick: Catering Service for Kenilworth School and Sixth Form Subscribers Only28 days
24/02/2017United Kingdom-Basingstoke: Catering servicesSubscribers Only24 days
23/02/2017UK-Bakewell: Castleton Visitor Centre Catering Concession (DEADLINE EXTENDED)Subscribers Only4 days
22/02/2017UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Catering - Lord Mayor's Inaugural DinnerSubscribers Only4 days
22/02/2017UK-Oldbury: Provision of a Tea Dance at West Bromwich Town Hall Subscribers Only11 days
22/02/2017UK-Manchester: Supply of Food and Beverage Operations (EXTENDED/VERY SHORT DEADLINE)Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltdexpired
22/02/2017United Kingdom-Norwich: School catering servicesSubscribers Only24 days
22/02/2017United Kingdom-Kenilworth: School catering servicesSubscribers Only27 days
18/02/2017United Kingdom-Worcester: Provision of catering and hospitality services King Charles I School KidderminsterSubscribers Only10 days
18/02/2017United Kingdom-Worcester: Aston Fields Middle School Bromsgrove provision and management of catering and hospitality servicesSubscribers Only55 days
17/02/2017United Kingdom-London: Catering servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
16/02/2017UK-Manchester: Food and Beverage operations for MCM Manchester Comic Con (SHORT DEADLINE)Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltdexpired
16/02/2017UK-Worcester: Provision and Management of Catering and Hospitality Services (OJEU)Subscribers Only29 days
16/02/2017UK-Newport (Wales): City Parks Catering Concession - Tredegar ParkSubscribers Only11 days
15/02/2017UK-Edinburgh: October Event West Princes Street GardensSubscribers Only16 days
14/02/2017UK-Lisburn: Provision of Hospitality Services (Concession)Subscribers Only1 day