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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
16/02/2017UK-Chesterfield: Supply of Dispersed AlarmsSubscribers Only11 days
15/02/2017UK-London: Community Alarm, Telecare and Well-Being Service (EVENT) - 24th February 2017Subscribers Onlyn/a
15/02/2017United Kingdom-London: Telemedicine advice and guidance serviceSubscribers Only8 days
13/02/2017UK-London: Telemedicine Advice and Guidance ServiceSubscribers Only9 days
10/02/2017UK-Coleford: Community Alarm Service Subscribers Only1 day
09/02/2017UK-Preston: Assisted Falls ServiceStaffordshire County Councilexpired
08/02/2017UK-Salford: Lease of Telehealth Equipment and PeripheralsNhs Shared Business Servicesexpired
07/02/2017United Kingdom-Gloucester: Maintenance of community equipment and provision of minor adaptationsSubscribers Only15 days
02/02/2017IE-Ireland: Telecare Equipment (Seniors Alert Scheme) (RFI)Subscribers Only3 days
02/02/2017United Kingdom-Greenock: Stock and environmental survey, asset management service and minor worksSubscribers Only2 days
27/01/2017United Kingdom-Haddington: Telecare IT platform for East Lothian CouncilSubscribers Only1 day
19/01/2017UK-Durham: Community Alarm/Telecare and CCTV Service (SOFT MARKET TESTING EXERCISE)Durham County Councilexpired
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Gloucester: Telecare and telehealth servicesGloucestershire County Councilexpired
18/01/2017United Kingdom-Swansea: Alarm-monitoring servicesSubscribers OnlyPIN
12/01/2017UK-Belfast: Contractors for 2017/18 Planned Maintenance WorksHelm Housingexpired
07/01/2017United Kingdom-Wakefield: Supporting the management of care through technologySubscribers OnlyPIN
04/01/2017UK-Godalming: Wav/SE Warden Call, Lifelines/Dispersed Alarms and Linked Devices SpecificationWaverley Borough Councilexpired
23/12/2016UK-London: Telemedicine Advice and Guidance Service (MARKET ENGAGEMENT) (DEADLINE AMENDED)Nhs Shared Business Servicesexpired
23/12/2016United Kingdom-Norwich: Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installationsEastern Procurement Ltdexpired
22/12/2016United Kingdom-St Helens: Social work and related servicesSt Helens Councilexpired