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27/02/2017UK-Telford: Supply of Military Related Spare Parts & Associated Items - Major Platform RelatedSubscribers Only30 days
25/02/2017United Kingdom-Leicester: CCTV systemSubscribers Only29 days
24/02/2017UK-Dumbarton: Regeneration of Levengrove Park, Dumbarton Subscribers Only18 days
24/02/2017UK-Craven Arms: Purchase of CCTV security surveillance system Subscribers Only32 days
24/02/2017United Kingdom-Manchester: MAG1655 — Customer Insight StrategySubscribers Onlyn/a
23/02/2017UK-Newton Abbot: Security Systems Maintenance and MonitoringSubscribers Only11 days
23/02/2017UK-Newry: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of a new IP CCTV System in the Bridge Centre, KillyleaghSubscribers Only9 days
23/02/2017UK-Carshalton: Video Traffic Counts for L.B. Sutton 2017Subscribers Only3 days
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Closed-circuit television camerasSubscribers Only27 days
22/02/2017United Kingdom-London: Repair and maintenance services of building installationsSubscribers Only20 days
22/02/2017United Kingdom-Belfast: CCTV security systemsSubscribers Only27 days
20/02/2017UK-Dungannon: CCTV ServiceSubscribers Only10 days
20/02/2017IE-Ireland: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IP Based CCTV System for Coláiste ClavinSubscribers Only7 days
17/02/2017UK-Bridgend: Intruder CCTV Access & Nurse Call Systems [Maintenance of]Subscribers Only11 days
14/02/2017UK-Belfast: CCTV/Video Door Entry/Access Control to Upgrade And Replace Obsolete Equipment Subscribers Only1 day
14/02/2017UK-Houghton-le-Spring: Surveillance and security systems and devicesSubscribers Onlyn/a
13/02/2017UK-Norwich: Bespoke Digital CCTV Surveillance System for Norwich city Centre Subscribers Only4 days
13/02/2017UK-Croydon: Opportunity for IP CCTV at Harris PeckhamSubscribers Only11 days
09/02/2017UK-Birmingham: Provision of Security Services - Soft Market Consultation Subscribers Only2 days
08/02/2017United Kingdom-Giffnock: Closed-circuit television camerasSubscribers Only10 days