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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
14/02/2017United Kingdom-Reading: Antibodies and seraSubscribers Only36 days
07/02/2017United Kingdom-Bristol: Clinical forensics equipment and suppliesSubscribers Only6 days
07/02/2017United Kingdom-Cardiff: New born calf serumSubscribers Only10 days
02/02/2017United Kingdom-Swindon: Supply of laboratory consumablesSubscribers Only10 days
31/01/2017United Kingdom-Manchester: Bio-printing platform (Royce).Subscribers Onlytoday
13/01/2017UK-Belfast: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of a Mycobacteria Liquid Culture System.Cpd - Supplies And Services Division On Behalf Of Agri-Food And Biosciences Instexpired
13/12/2016United Kingdom-Stirling: Laboratory glasswareApuc Limitedexpired
09/12/2016United Kingdom-Exeter: Culture mediumRoyal Devon And Exeter Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
06/12/2016United Kingdom-London: Requirement for foetal bovine serumDefra Network Etendering Portalexpired
03/12/2016United Kingdom-Hardwick: Microbiological mediaNorth Tees And Hartlepool Nhs Trustexpired
02/12/2016UK-London: Foetal Bovine Serum (OJEU)Defra Network Etendering Portal expired
24/11/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Laboratory consumables for the Regional Fertility CentreProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
16/11/2016UK-Edinburgh: LIT0538 Automated Combined microbial identification and AST systemUniversity Of Edinburghexpired
04/11/2016UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Supply of microbiology specimen containersUniversity Hospitals Of North Midlands Nhs Trustexpired
26/10/2016United Kingdom-Salford: Procedure packsNhs Shared Business Services Ltd (Nhs Sbs)expired
25/10/2016UK-Salford: Procedure Packs - Including Ward and Community PacksNhs Shared Business Servicesexpired
06/10/2016United Kingdom-Glasgow: Laboratory servicesScottish Waterexpired
24/09/2016United Kingdom-Carlisle: The provision of a blood culture managed serviceNorth Cumbria University Hospitals Nhs Trustexpired
22/09/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Bioreactors for Microbial FermentationUniversity College Cork ( Ucc )expired
22/09/2016UK-Carlisle: Provision of New Blood Culture Managed Service (EXTENDED DEADLINE)North Cumbria University Hospitals Nhs Trustexpired