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17/10/2016UK-Bristol: Sample Pouches for Quality MonitoringNhs Blood & Transplant expired
05/09/2016UK-Bristol: Supply of Blood and Plasma Storage Unit SupportLeidos Supply Ltdexpired
16/06/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Blood bagsNhs Blood & Transplantexpired
14/06/2016UK-Bristol: Cord Blood Collection Systems (OJEU)Nhs Blood & Transplant expired
10/06/2016United Kingdom-Liverpool: Medical consumablesLiverpool Heart And Chest Hospital Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
06/05/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Supply of whole blood collection and ancillary processing systemsNhs Blood And Transplantexpired
02/05/2016UK-Bristol: Eurobloodpack 2 - Whole Blood Collection & Ancillary Blood Processing Systems (OJEU)Nhs Blood & Transplantexpired
18/03/2016United Kingdom-Cardiff: Vascular access accessoriesNhs Wales Procurement Servicesexpired