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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
13/12/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage vesselsNhs Blood And Transplantexpired
09/12/2016UK-Bristol: Supply & Maintenance of Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Storage VesselsNhs Blood & Transplantexpired
18/10/2016UK-Cardiff: Liquid Nitrogen VesselUniversity Of Cardiffexpired
11/10/2016UK-Huddersfield: Annual Temp Mapping Blood Banks (SHORT DEADLINE)Calderdale & Huddersfield Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
05/10/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Maintenance of existing Bio Archive equipment, and associated consumablesNhs Blood And Transplantexpired
03/10/2016UK-Bristol: Maintenance of Existing Bio Archive Equipment (OJEU)Nhs Blood & Transplant expired
23/09/2016Ireland-Dublin: Collection and long term storageIrish Blood Transfusion Serviceexpired
20/08/2016United Kingdom-Aberystwyth: Construction workAiec Limitedexpired
16/08/2016IE-Limerick: Supply of Two (2) x Liquid Nitrogen Vats (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
10/08/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Two (2) x Liquid Nitrogen Vats (EXTENDED DEADLINE)Education Procurement Service (Eps)expired
25/07/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Two (2) x Liquid Nitrogen Vats for the Galway Blood & TissueEducation Procurement Service (Eps)expired
09/07/2016United Kingdom-Exeter: Research laboratory servicesUniversity Of Exeterexpired
07/07/2016UK-Exeter: Provision of a Human Whole Genome Sequencing Service (OJEU)University Of Exeter expired
28/06/2016United Kingdom-Stockport: Large scale collection of metabolomic dataSubscribers OnlyPIN
06/05/2016United Kingdom-Aberystwyth: Construction workSubscribers OnlyPIN