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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
25/02/2017United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Pharmaceutical productsSubscribers Only27 days
24/02/2017United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIgG) and subcutaneous immunoglobulin (IgG)Subscribers Only27 days
16/02/2017UK-Runcorn: Normal Human Immunoglobulins (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
14/02/2017United Kingdom-Reading: Antibodies and seraSubscribers Only36 days
10/02/2017United Kingdom-Cardiff: Pharmaceutical productsSubscribers OnlyPIN
07/02/2017UK-Runcorn: Promthrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) - Midlands & East (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
07/02/2017UK-Runcorn: Promthrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) - South of England (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
27/01/2017United Kingdom-Bristol: Single donor plasmaSubscribers OnlyPIN
23/12/2016United Kingdom-Runcorn: AlbuminThe Secretary Of State For Health Acting As Part Of The Crown Through The Commerexpired
07/12/2016UK-Runcorn: Recombinant Factor VIII (OPEN FUTURE OPPORTUNITY)Subscribers Onlyn/a
28/10/2016United Kingdom-Belfast: Quality control for clinical biochemistry and immunologyProcurement And Logistics Serviceexpired
04/10/2016United Kingdom-Bristol: Supply of saline solutions, serums and reagentsNhs Blood & Transplantexpired
30/09/2016Ireland-Dublin: Intravenous immunoglobulinBeaumont Hospitalexpired
14/09/2016Ireland-Dublin: Provision of coagulation recombinant factor IXSt James's Hospitalexpired
06/09/2016UK-Liverpool: Anticoagulation Service Nhs Shared Business Services expired
09/08/2016United Kingdom-Sheffield: Rotational thromboelastometry coagulation point of care testing deviceSubscribers OnlyPIN
06/07/2016Ireland-Dublin: The supply of intravenous immunoglobulin(IVIG) to pharmacy department, Beaumont HospitalBeaumont Hospitalexpired
29/06/2016UK-London: Coagulation FVIII deficient plasma or equivalent Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency expired
01/06/2016United Kingdom-Larkhall: Unlicensed intravenous infusionsThe Common Services Agency (More Commonly Known As Nhs National Services Scotlanexpired
21/05/2016United Kingdom-London: Consultant led community based warfarin serviceSubscribers OnlyPIN