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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
11/09/2018UK-Stoke-on-Trent: Annual Servicing of Compressors and Compressed Air Powered Smoke VentsSubscribers Only2 days
20/08/2018UK-Bristol: BWPC RA7 UHB EST - Compressor MaintenanceBwpc (Acute)expired
17/08/2018UK-Bristol: Compressed Air Sytems Servicing and InspectionsDriver And Vehicle Standards Agencyexpired
30/07/2018UK-Douglas: Refurbishment Works to Fiddlers Green Depot (QUICK QUOTE) (SHORT DEADLINE)The Isle Of Man Governmentexpired
25/07/2018UK-Baguley: Air Compressors Including Medical Air Compress (Maintenance of) Nhs Wales Shared Services Partnershipexpired
24/07/2018United Kingdom-Norwich: Low Value Building Maintenance and Associated Works FrameworkSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/06/2018UK-Edinburgh: Refrigeration Plant Works - NLV Pole StarNorthern Lighthouse Board expired
14/06/2018United Kingdom-Paisley: Supply and Delivery of Light and Heavy PlantSubscribers OnlyPIN
12/06/2018UK-Douglas: Mechanical Works to an Existing Workshop at Fiddlers Green Depot (QUICK QUOTE)The Isle Of Man Governmentexpired
24/05/2018UK-Cranfield: UKRIC 1 Services Diversions (Enabling) Cranfield University expired
17/05/2018IE-Ireland: Building Works Contract Longford County Council Refurbishment Vehicle Inspection Pit Longford County Councilexpired
03/05/2018UK-London: Tideway Cooling & Drying Control Containers System & Compressors (SHORT DEADLINE)Ferrovial Agroman Laing O'rourke Joint Venture (Flo)expired
27/04/2018United Kingdom-Norwich: Plant hire framework with and without operatorNorfolk County Councilexpired
25/04/2018UK-Haverfordwest: Supply of two milking robots,integrated smart gate and bulk tankSubscribers OnlyPIN
09/04/2018IE-Ireland: Engineering/Metalwork E-Tender 2018Kinsale Community Schoolexpired
09/04/2018IE-Ireland: Supply & Installation of Breathing Apparatus Compressor and Filling PanelTipperary County Councilexpired
04/04/2018IE-Ireland: Framework Agreement for Mechanical Services in Wexford County Council OfficesWexford County Councilexpired
16/02/2018UK-Seascale: Sale/ Comp Air - L26 Compressor Sellafield Ltdexpired
15/02/2018UK-Hull: Service Maintenance of Compressors (VERY SHORT DEADLINE)Hull And East Yorkshire Hospitals Nhs Trustexpired
09/02/2018UK-Hull: Service Maintenance Of Compressors (AMENDED SHORT DEADLINE)Hull And East Yorkshire Hospitals Nhs Trustexpired