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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
24/02/2017UK-London: Blood Grouping and Screening (Supplier Engagement) (OJEU)Subscribers Only338 days
23/02/2017UK-Uxbridge: Pressure Filtration Cleanliness AnalyserSubscribers Only9 days
22/02/2017United Kingdom-Swindon: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) facilitySubscribers Only34 days
22/02/2017Ireland-Dublin: Automated molecular testing system for fetal RHD screeningSubscribers Only31 days
22/02/2017Ireland-Limerick: Procurement of equipmentSubscribers OnlyPIN
21/02/2017UK-Belfast: Spectrum and Signal AnalyzerSubscribers Only11 days
21/02/2017UK-Belfast: Mm-wave Extender ModulesSubscribers Only21 days
21/02/2017UK-London: Provision of a Kjeldahl Analysis Semi-Automatic UnitSubscribers Only4 days
21/02/2017UK-London: Provision of a Texture AnalyserSubscribers Only4 days
17/02/2017UK-Brighton: Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Size AnalyserSubscribers Only14 days
17/02/2017IE-Ireland: Provision of a Rapid Cartridge based Polymerase Chain ReactionSubscribers Only7 days
15/02/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of One Hypoxia Workstation & One Seahorse AnalyserSubscribers Only4 days
15/02/2017United Kingdom-Normanton: Enema's for flexible sigmoidoscopy screening and new-born sickle cell screening equipment reagentsSubscribers OnlyPIN
13/02/2017UK-Barnsley: Pan Pathology MSC (SUPPLIER EVENT)Subscribers Only11 days
13/02/2017UK-Bristol: Thermal Analysis Equipment University Of Bristol expired
08/02/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis System (CASA)University College Cork ( Ucc )expired
07/02/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of a FEP Teflon Foil ChamberUniversity College Cork ( Ucc )expired
06/02/2017UK-Edinburgh: LIT0539 Supply of Clinical Biochemistry Analyser systemUniversity Of Edinburghexpired
03/02/2017United Kingdom-London: 5 laser, 18 parameter fluorescent cell analyserSubscribers Only13 days
02/02/2017United Kingdom-Leeds: Detection and analysis apparatusSubscribers Only2 days