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11/02/2019United Kingdom-Nottingham: Sprinkler systemsSubscribers OnlyPIN
29/01/2019United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Provision of Roads, Mastics, Asphalt and Associated Products and Services 2019Subscribers Only23 days
29/01/2019United Kingdom-Liverpool: Construction Products, Consumables and MaterialsSubscribers OnlyPIN
22/01/2019United Kingdom-Nottingham: Supply of Building Materials and TimberSubscribers Only4 days
17/01/2019UK-Nottingham: 963 - Supply of Building Materials & TimberSubscribers Only3 days
26/12/2018United Kingdom-Leicester: Building materialsEspoexpired
18/12/2018United Kingdom-Mansfield: Ground Stabilisation Works by Drilling and GroutingSubscribers OnlyPIN
18/12/2018United Kingdom-Manchester: Building materialsSubscribers Only5432 days
01/12/2018United Kingdom-London: Framework for Materials Supply to Haringey Repairs Service (HRS) TeamHomes For Haringey Ltdexpired
28/11/2018United Kingdom-Paisley: Supply and Delivery of Building and Timber MaterialsScotland Excelexpired
10/10/2018United Kingdom-North Tyneside: Contract 15 — Building Supplies 2019-2021North Tyneside Councilexpired
08/10/2018UK-North Tyneside: Contract 15 - Building Supplies 2019 - 2021North Tyneside Councilexpired
28/09/2018UK-Belfast: BHSCT Building & Fixing Materials Procurement And Logistics Service On Behalf Of Belfast Health And Social Care Texpired
21/09/2018United Kingdom-Bristol: Supply of Adhesives, Tapes and SealantsLeidos Supply Ltdexpired
20/09/2018IE-Ireland: Supply of Specialist AdhesivesIarnrod Eireann-Irish Railexpired
11/09/2018United Kingdom-Bristol: Supply of Adhesives, Tapes and Sealants Subscribers OnlyPIN
23/08/2018United Kingdom-Huddersfield: Building materialsSubscribers OnlyCAN
22/08/2018United Kingdom-Leicester: Supply of Design and Technology Equipment and MaterialsEspoexpired
07/08/2018United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparSubscribers Only3501 days
06/08/2018UK-Newcastle Upon Tyne: Supply of Paint and Decorating MaterialsNewcastle City Councilexpired