Useful Organisations

This is a list of useful sites with content closely related to public procurement and purchasing.

Cabinet Office
Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office Support the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, helping to ensure effective development, coordination and implementation of policy and operations across all government departments, including those relating to procurement and transparency.

Scottish Procurement Directorate
Scottish Procurement Directorate

The Scottish Procurement Directorate (SPD), is the central point in the Scottish Government for providing advice and support on procurement policy and practice.

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) is an international organisation, based in the UK, serving the purchasing and supply profession. Dedicated to promoting best practice, CIPS provides a wide range of services for the benefit of members and the wider business community.

CIPS provides a programme of continuous improvement in professional standards and raises awareness of the contribution that purchasing and supply makes to corporate, national and international prosperity. In 1992, CIPS was awarded a Royal Charter in recognition of its leading role.

Internal Market Directorate-General
European Commission Directorate General - Internal Market

The role of the Internal Market Directorate-General (DG) is to co-ordinate the European Commission's overall policy to ensure that the European Internal Market functions effectively and to formulate and execute Commission policy in key areas of the Single Market. The aim is to eliminate unjustified obstacles to the free movement of goods and services and to freedom of establishment.