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What qualifications and/or accreditations do I need to bid for public sector tenders?

The qualifications and/or accreditations required to bid for public sector contracts vary depending on the purchasing authority and the nature, scope and size of the contract. 

However, there are some common things that most public sector authorities will look for:

> Evidence of your company’s financial standing.  For OJEU tenders this often requires having 2-3 years of audited accounts, for lower value contracts, or newer companies, a bankers statement or managed accounts might be sufficient.  If you are unsure what is required ask the purchasing authority.

> Demonstrate your company’s ability to fulfil the requirement.  This can be done through references and case studies of similar work, a good track record within the public sector is a definite advantage.  Also having quality assurance systems and processes in place, this might include formal accreditations. 

> Your company is also likely to require a Health and Safety policy, Environmental and Sustainability policy, Equal Opportunities policy, and employers and public liability insurance.