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17/01/2017UK-Swindon: Variable Pressure Chilled Water System ProjectSubscribers Only7 days
04/01/2017UK-Nottingham: Water Cooler Povision Subscribers Only3 days
30/11/2016UK-Ipswich: Installation of Water CoolersThe Ipswich Hospital Nhs Trustexpired
15/11/2016UK-Reading: Supply Installation and Maintenance of Mains Fed Water Chillers Royal Berkshire Fire Authority expired
15/11/2016UK-Reading: Supply, Installation and Maintenance of a Total of 15 Water BoilersRoyal Berkshire Fire Authority expired
05/11/2016United Kingdom-Caerphilly: National Procurement Service framework for supply & distribution of food & beverage related productsSubscribers OnlyPIN
20/10/2016United Kingdom-Wakefield: Vending machines & water coolers (internal buying)Ypoexpired
18/10/2016UK-Wakefield: Vending Machines & Water Coolers (Internal Buying)Ypoexpired
15/10/2016United Kingdom-Perth: Planned preventative maintenance to public buildingsPerth & Kinross Councilexpired
15/10/2016United Kingdom-Warrington: Facilities management servicesTorus62 Ltd (And Its Subsidiaries And All Other Bodies Identified)expired
29/09/2016UK-Felixstowe: Water Dispensing Machines (Plumbed-in and Freestanding) Hutchison Ports (Uk) Ltdexpired
26/09/2016IE-Ireland: Supply of Bottled Water to Dublin City Council 2016-2020Dublin City Councilexpired
20/09/2016UK-Glasgow: Royal Alexandra Hospital - Chiller Upgrade for Operating Theatres within Blocks 7 & 8Nhs Greater Glasgow And Clydeexpired
14/09/2016UK-Paisley: Supply and Distribution of Water Cooler Solutions, Services and Associated ConsumablesRenfrewshire Councilexpired
27/08/2016United Kingdom-Warrington: Drinking water - alternative water suppliesSubscribers Onlyn/a
26/07/2016UK-Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Preventative Maintenance & Adhoc Repair Service To Zip & Non-Zip Water AppliancesNorthumberland, Tyne & Wear Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
25/07/2016UK-Hardwick: Provision of a Watercooler SolutionNorth Tees & Hartlepool Nhs Trustexpired
19/07/2016UK-Shipley: Servicing and Maintenance of Vending Machines Bradford District Care Nhs Foundation Trustexpired
14/07/2016UK-Mansfield: Air Conditioning and Chiller Maintenance and RepairThe Coal Authorityexpired
29/06/2016UK-Potters Bar: Facilities - Water Coolers Public Health Englandexpired