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? PublishedTitleAuthorityDeadline
10/01/2017UK-Sandbach: SME Workshops (EVENTS)Subscribers Only18 days
09/01/2017IE-Ireland: Supply of Equipment for a Home Economics Room in a Post Primary SchoolSubscribers Only14 days
21/12/2016UK-Leicester: Domestic Goods and Household AppliancesSubscribers Only18 days
20/12/2016IE-Ireland: Procurement of Works Contractors for Refurbishment of Student AccommodationSubscribers Only15 days
19/12/2016IE-Ireland: St Vincent De Paul 2 House ProjectSt. Vincent De Paul (Ballinamore)expired
16/12/2016UK-Cardiff: Tretower Court Cottage and Crown Cottage - Interior Design Services Subscribers Only4 days
15/12/2016UK-Matlock: Supply of Catalytic HeatersDerbyshire County Councilexpired
14/12/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Domestic goods and home furnishingsSubscribers Only17 days
12/12/2016UK-Reading: Syrian Resettlement Programme 2017 - 2021 (EVENT) (SHORT DEADLINE)Reading Borough Council expired
07/12/2016United Kingdom-Southend-on-Sea: Domestic appliancesSubscribers Only3 days
23/11/2016United Kingdom-Preston: Furniture and home-ware frameworkPlaces For People Group Limitedexpired
22/11/2016UK-Preston: Furniture and HomewarePlaces For Peopleexpired
11/11/2016United Kingdom-Leeds: Catering and laundry equipmentLeeds City Councilexpired
10/11/2016UK-Leeds: Catering and Laundry EquipmentLeeds City Councilexpired
09/11/2016United Kingdom-Leicester: Domestic electrical appliancesEspoexpired
28/10/2016United Kingdom-Lincoln: Refurbishment, maintenance, repairs & minor worksSubscribers OnlyPIN
25/10/2016United Kingdom-Manchester: Residential furniture, equipment and associated productsManchester City Councilexpired
21/10/2016UK-Manchester: Provision of Residential Furniture, Equipment and Associated ProductsManchester City Councilexpired
18/10/2016UK-Cardiff: Domestic Electrical Appliances The City Of Cardiff Councilexpired
15/10/2016United Kingdom-Normanton: Various office equipment and suppliesNhs Supply Chain Acting As Agent For Nhs Business Services Authorityexpired